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Marketing Science

KELADOS offers marketing and business development services to small and medium sized biotechnology and life sciences companies.

* How do you build up knowledge of the market you are in?
* Who are your competitors and what are they doing?
* How do you reach new clients and partners?
* How do you stand out in a global market?

All companies recognise the need to answer these questions, but many don't have the internal resources needed to answer them and maximise their opportunities.

KELADOS has the ideas and the tools to provide you with the marketing and business development expertise that you need, at a price you can afford.

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Strategic Marketing

Where are you now, where do you want to go and how do you get there?

These simple questions are the key to a successful business. Strategic marketing is all about getting you where you want to be. In order to that, you need a realistic view of what the market for your products or services actually is, and what it might be like in five years time. What are the barriers that might prevent you from reaching your goals? Do you have significant competitors, and what are they likely to be doing?

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Business Development

How is your business going to grow?

Developing working relationships with the right people in the right companies, whether they are going to be your partners in product development, or loyal customers for your services, is one of the most critical challenges facing a company.

KELADOS can provide a range of business development services to help you reach these people, from attending conferences on your behalf to providing an interim business development director, who will work as part of your team on a part time basis.

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Marketing Communications

How do your get your company known?

One of the biggest challenges a small company faces is to make potential customers aware of their existence in order to generate sales leads. A good marketing communications strategy will enable a small company to stand out even against larger competitors. Key to the strategy is having a consistent, recognisable image and a message that is relevant to customers. Communications tools can include: an informative, regularly updated web site; email newsletters; customer surveys; press releases to relevant trade journals; presence at relevant conferences; technical publications and an eye-catching company brochure.


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