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KELADOS works with a small range of companies and organisations, providing the support they need, when they need it.   These on-going relationships allow us to fully understand its clients' businesses, making us part of the team, and able to be fully responsive to their needs. 

KELADOS's considerable expertise in a range of business areas, combined with in-depth knowledge of the global biotech/life sciences industry and an extensive range of contacts means that the support that we provide need not be contrained. Indeed, the flexibility of support that we provide is one of the major benefits of these on-going relationships.

KELADOS is also able to take on short term ad-hoc projects for existing and new clients, recognising that companies often have specific outsourcing needs.


Current clients

BluTest Laboratories Ltd

BluTest provides specialised microbiological services and regulatory advice to a global clientele. Its wide range of services includes regulatory testing, microbiology contract research, industrial microbiology, biocide product development support and environmental monitoring services. BluTest has internationally recognised expertise in virus testing, and is one of the few labs globally that can provide a comprehensive spectrum of assays against viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria, bacterial endospores and fungi. Its ability to offer tailored advice based on technical expertise and specialist knowledge of clients' industries sets it apart from other contract testing organisations.

Fiona Godsman is Marketing Director (non-exec) to BluTest.


Some previous clients


SINAPSE is a consortium of six Scottish universities* The aim of this world-class consortium is to create a strong dynamic network for a shared environment for strategic research development in brain imaging. The focus is primarily on the technologies of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), and electrophysiology (EEG).

*Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews, and Stirling. It is funded by the Scottish Funding Council, the Chief Scientific Office and the Universities.

KELADOS provided business development and communications support to SINAPSE.



KELADOS was an advisor to the Wellness & Health Innovation Project, managed by Innovation Centres (Scotland). Through this, we can provide marketing and business development advice and practical support to Scottish companies interested in exploiting the wellness market.

About the Project
The Wellness & Health Innovation Project (WHIP) has been developed to help Scottish businesses capitalise on the growth potential in this sector. The Project has a national agenda and is focused on delivering its free services to SMEs throughout Scotland:
1. Market intelligence and analysis - specialist knowledge tailored
to the needs of your company.
2. Product, technology and innovation support - expert knowledge
to help with concept, feasibility, validation and development advice.
3. Business development - bringing expertise, knowledge and
routes to market to clients.
The above services are backed by a robust network - which will bring together SMEs, academia and corporate partners to produce market-ready products and services that meet a clear market need.




Fiona Godsman provided direction for the SIE team during its current funding phase, prior to taking over the permanent Chief Executive position. The role involves developing a strategic vision for the organisation, in line with current Scottish government plans to embed entrepreneurship and enterprise education. Its ultimate aim is to help build the Scottish economy by encouraging and supporting recent graduates to start their own businesses.